Our Work 


 Our Work 




Your support today matters for kids like Isham. Ever since his father passed away, this eight-year-old boy and his mother have been living on the edge of despair — no income, no food, no hope.

“We don’t have anyone to take care of us; our relatives deserted us.”

Then, someone like you stepped in and gave Isham hope for a better future. Nutritious food and access to education began to turn things around for Isham. But the thing he is most grateful for? Hearing that there is hope because of Jesus.

“You help me live by hope and believe in Jesus. Thank you!”

For kids like Isham, hope begins with a meal.

 The Vision 

Our vision is to see every at-risk child around the world fed, evangelized, and discipled. We carry out our mission through gospel outreaches that feed children physically with a meal and spiritually with God’s word.

 The Need 

More than 1 billion children worldwide are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, deprived of even the most basic necessities. Amidst the countless challenges they face, there is a desperate need for hope, for these children to have the opportunity to hear the transformative message of the gospel.

It is critical that we empower these young lives – providing not only material assistance but also spiritual guidance and the promise of a brighter future.

 The Plan 

Through collaboration with compassionate individuals like yourself, we have put together a comprehensive plan to reach children across the globe, providing them with vital nourishment and life-changing care.

Our work starts with prayer, asking God to help us find trustworthy international Christian partners who share our vision of making Christ’s message known in their communities.

Our ultimate goal is for every child to experience the transformative power of the gospel. To achieve this, we organize gospel outreaches that not only provide thousands of children with a nourishing meal, but also feed their souls with God’s word.

Integral to this endeavor is the discipleship of these young hearts. We strive to equip dedicated Christian leaders with the necessary tools and training to effectively guide and mentor every child we reach.

Together, we can break the chains of poverty and share the message of love, hope, and salvation with these vulnerable children.

 How You Can Help 

Each child bears God’s image and holds tremendous worth. The God-given potential for these children to transform the nations for Christ is enormous. But that potential remains dormant without access to God’s word, education, and even a regular meal.

We can’t do this work without caring and compassionate partners like you.

For kids like Isham, hope begins with a meal — and fully comes into fruition with lasting care and discipleship. Help unlock a child’s potential by providing meals, care, and the life-changing gospel message today.