Our Stories 



 Our Stories


 Hope Begins With A Meal 

Every day, children around the world are denied hope due to poverty, a lack of dignity, and even abandonment. They merely survive outsite the margins of society’s care and concern—and they don’t know the true God who loves them.

Our solution as a Christian charity is to feed, evangelize, and disciple at-risk children around the world. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything!


 Sarah’s Story 

Sarah grew up in a slum with her mother and siblings, and has faced numerous hardships. Her father was rarely present and often caused trouble for the family. To make ends meet, Sarah and her mother worked as domestic maids, facing financial struggles on a daily basis. Additionally, their slum faced a water crisis, requiring them to fetch water from far away.

When Sarah received an invitation to our Christmas gospel outreach organized by volunteers, she was filled with excitement and anticipation. At the celebration, Sarah gained a deeper understanding of the love of Jesus. Verses like John 3:16 bring her hope and continue to strengthen her newfound faith. Sarah is now attending a local church and has found a new passion in sharing this good news with others. Today, Sarah is full of hope for her future.

 Maria’s Story 

At a young age, Maria faced unimaginable challenges. Two years ago, her father fell ill and her mother left to find stable work. Left alone, Maria cared for her two younger siblings in a small shanty with inadequate sanitation facilities.

Despite her hardships, Maria held onto hopes and dreams for her future. Through a gospel outreach, she accepted Jesus into her heart. Inspired by Jesus’ heart for the poor, Maria attended Sunday school and became an active participant in the house church. Her faith flourished, transforming her into a dedicated prayer warrior, interceding fervently for her family and others facing similar struggles. 

Through Maria’s heartfelt prayers, her family experienced God’s provision. Her mother found a better-paying job, and they moved to a more comfortable home. Undeterred by obstacles, Maria is now pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher, trusting in God’s guidance.


Eli’s Story 

Eli, a 14-year-old boy living on the streets, lived a life of insecurity, fear, and hunger. He often turned to drugs and alcohol to escape his troubles. With no permanent place to live, he often faced bullying from other street children.

One day, a Gospel worker invited Eli and his friends to a Christmas gospel outreach and gave them gifts. It was the first time Eli heard the Christmas story and the message of salvation. Over time, the love and compassion of Jesus has transformed Eli’s life with the free gift of salvation. Through prayer and support, Eli continues to grow in his faith each day. His story reminds us that even in the darkest places, the light of Christ can shine and bring transformation.


 Halima’s Story 

Halima, a resilient young girl, is known for her captivating smile. Despite a challenging upbringing filled with abuse, she found refuge from the streets of Zambia after attending a gospel outreach at the Chisomo Drop-in Center for Children of the Street. That day, she not only heard the gospel but also made a life-altering decision to commit herself to Christ. 

With a newfound understanding of God’s love, Halima realized she deserved a better life. Determined to break free from the street life, she bravely embraced a brighter future at the Chisomo Shelter for Children of the Street. Now residing at the shelter, Halima engages in discipleship and pursues her education. Currently in the 3rd grade at a local school, she is empowered to learn, grow, and pursue her dreams. Each day, she defies the odds and embraces a future filled with hope and endless possibilities.


 Jane’s Story 

Jane, an 8-year-old girl, recently attended a gospel outreach in a Ugandan slum. Along with enjoying a meal and fun games, Jane’s little heart was touched by God’s word, leaving a lasting impression. Despite the hardships she faces, Jane firmly believes that God will never forsake her. Both of her parents are HIV positive, and her father struggles with alcohol addiction — but hope continues to ripple through this family.

Through the efforts of the Ugandan church, Jane’s mother found salvation and is now actively involved in hosting Bible studies and serving in the children’s ministry. Encouragingly, Jane’s father is also experiencing transformation through God’s word. He has started attending church and is working on overcoming his addiction. Through it all, Jane’s unwavering faith and the support of the Ugandan church have given her hope for a brighter future.